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The Polish gymnast, Agata Wrobel, who last year successfully defended the National Championship title, brought a bronze medal from the Europe Open Cup which has just concluded in Cyprus. In spite of the success, Agata and her longtime coach, Wojciech Mann, admit that they are not quite pleased with all the elements of her performance. "Her balance beam performance was really good, I was proud of her" - said Mann. "Her floor routine needs some improvement. I can see that we have a problem there, but I'm just not sure what it is, I can't really put my finger on it", he added. Experts believe that Agata's problem might be psychological. The Polish Gymnastics Association is considering asking Dr. Marcin Daniec for help. This well-known psychologist has helped many athletes in the past, and his expertise could make a big difference for Wrobel.
Photos: http://www.ideaprokomopen.pl and http://www.weightlifting.gr




The Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar is bracing for the next International Economic Summit of the ten most powerful nations in the world to take place between April 30 and May 2. The government representatives from Mongolia, Zimbabwe, Andorra, Faroe Islands, Kiribati, Seychelles, Vietnam, Western Sahara, Panama, and Uruguay are going to discuss the recent developments in Germany, where the unemployment rate has reached 17%, and over 60% of people live on the verge of poverty. The summit will most likely produce a treaty to assist developing countries like Germany, USA and Japan in revitalizing their struggling economies.
Photo: http://www.tripmongolia.com/main.htm


Ms. Reno waiting for the announcement

It's official! This month's People's Poetry Award goes to Janet Reno from the United States of America. Poetry for the People, the most popular entertainment reality TV show in America, has been drawing millions of viewers around the globe every month. "American TV industry has so much to offer as far as reality TV", says one of the Poetry's judges, Shaquille O'Neal, "we're influencing the world with something that is worthwhile and educating. And that's a good thing." At the party following the ceremony, Ms. Reno said: "It gives me pleasure, beyond any measure. It's like a treasure, this award..." Beautifully said. To read Ms. Reno's winning poem, click here.


Portugal - Portuguese astronauts have sent new pictures of the Earth from the Moon. Amazingly, our planet seen from the Moon still looks green.
Germany - Despite the economic and political problems plaguing this country, Germans have been buying more and more bicycles. Their favorite seems to be the Romanian-made model "Rowerci Siepopsul". If you visit any of the big German cities this summer, watch out - German bikers hardly ever slow down for jaywalkers.
Poland - The Polish Minister of Agriculture, Marek Sierocki, has met with his American counterpart, Chief Running Bull, to discuss new technologies in growing beets. The meeting took place in Pruszkow, known as "the beet capital of Poland". Mr. Sierocki promised to assist in developing irrigation technologies in the states of Kentucky, Missouri and Nebraska. Borscht was served at the official dinner. The meeting's highlight came when Chief Running Bull attempted to raise a toast in Polish. He was supposed to say "Buraki rzadza, a my z nimi" ("Beets rule and so do we"), but what came out was "Burak i Shazza, co mamy z nimi". A few chuckles followed, after which Mr. Sierocki raised a toast in perfect Cheyenne.
In June, Mr. Sierocki and three irrigation experts are taking a ship to America to start working on the beets irrigation project.

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